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It’s true. Your true friends will be the ones who love you no matter what. Not the people you feel you have to convince to care. Life is too short to not appreciate yourself. Love your being. If there is something you feel you need to change, do it for yourself.

Turquoise beaded Glasses Chain for sunglasses or by IsesJewelry

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Headpieces. They came alive this day.
Felt like myself this Halloween
Beautifully made Hamsa Earrings/ Earcuff
Love these rose Gold earrings! #rosegold #fashion #jewelry

Rose Gold Hoops - Ises K. Jewelry Boutique

love rose gold!

Rose Gold set ONLY $25!
Medusas Snake Ear Cuff!
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Rose Gold Headpieces!
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Hamsa Hand Harness
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